Saturday, December 26, 2009


Just a week ago this evening I returned home after six weeks of working in Haiti. I had set several goals for my trip: * Meet with Project Help leadership and staff * Visit some of our 30 churches and pastors * Prepare for upcoming teams * Assess progress of on going projects
* Prioritize maintenance needs and future projects. It was also my hope to get some sort of direction as to where God might be leading as I take over the responsibilities of leading Project Help-Haiti into the next decade. I have been working in Haiti ten years now and much has changed in those ten years. Project Help has been working in Haiti since 1967 much more has changed in those four decades. One thing that hasn't changed is why we are there "to make disciples" . When I started GAP ministry we came up with a slogan on our brochures "People Reaching People" and that is one thing that will always remain in any successes we may attain in building God's kingdom. It depends on people coming to help and be a part of the work, it depends on people praying and lifting us up, it depends on people giving us the resources to sustain the ministries. I had hoped I could share with you through my blogs all that was going on while I was in Haiti but because of computer problems I could barely do e-mails. So in the days ahead I will try and share what happened the last six weeks . In God's love , steve

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