Monday, July 5, 2010


Last Fall as I was preparing to head off to Haiti I made a last minute run over to our local Gander Mountain outlet, a chain of outdoor hunting and fishing stores. Just by chance I ran across a marked down "Life is Good" cap. These regular sell for $2o -25 but this was a closeout at $9.00 .

I was proud to show off my new dark green cap which proudly proclaimed across the front Life is Good. What I really liked about the cap besides being a bargain and looking pretty good on my Bic'd head was that inside the cap was printed "like what you do, do what you like ". I never got a picture of myself in that cap because I lost it in Haiti. Maybe I will find another someday but if not I think for me Life is Good no matter what I have on my hairless head. I consider myself a lucky person because I really do " like what I do and I'm doing what I like," everyday.

I don't know too many people who can honestly say that. It seems too many people, Christians included, settle for less than what they would like to be doing and for sure what God planned that they should be doing. It is never too late in life to make the decision to follow God's plan for your life, I'm a good example for that.

Long before Map Quest and GPS ( I just love it when I alter routes on our Garmin and it says recalculating ) God gave us some directional help for life's journey. If you have gotten off course or never even had a map to start with then stop and recalculate. Spend some time reading the Bible, God's word and direction book. Pray, God's version of Skype, a direct communication link to your Father in heaven. Wait and be empowered by the Holy Spirit, God's guiding presence in your journey with him. Pursue and follow these three steps and your on your way to leading the Good Life. In God's love, steve