Tuesday, December 7, 2010


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**prayer before starting mountain clinic.
**attending to a dehydrated youth
** medical team


This is my last week in Haiti for 2010, I fly home Friday morning for a 3 week Holiday vacation. I return on Jan. 3rd to start another year in Haiti, it will be my 12th year. The week before I leave and especially the last day are usually hectic as I attend to last minute details that need attention before my departure.

This week we are doing what we can to get ready for the Haiti Church of God annual conference Jan. 6-8 and to also make preparations for the new missionaries who will arrive to live here at Borel in Jan. Two of those missionaries are here this week, Heather Elyse from Rochester, Ind. will be coming to be the director of GAP ministry she will rent one of the houses here at Borel. Besides working for that ministry she will assist other ministries with video production and print and Internet communications.

Randy Broaddus from Tulsa , Oklahoma will be coming to be a volunteer missionary for Project Help, he will be the field tech support engineer for PH-H and other missions who need professional tech support. Both of these missionaries have worked in children's ministries , Heather grew up on the mission field as a MK & PK and is an ordained children's pastor. Randy has served many years as a volunteer at his church in OK.

This next year we will be emphasizing and developing a new outreach to minister and evangelize the young people of Haiti. Just like in the U.S. bringing young people to Christ early is imperative to discipleship. The success rate drops dramatically after the age of 18 so we are targeting two age groups, 6year old's to early teens and mid teens to late twenty year old.

Andy and Theresa Snyder have been confirmed as full time PH-H missionaries and will arrive for a 3 month stay in Jan. Andy will be the new facilities manager for the Borel compound and Theresa will manage the Borel guesthouse together they will be in charge of the short term missions teams and projects they do here.

Last weeks mobile medical team did a tremendous amount of work, over 1,000 men, women and children's health needs were treated and ministered to. Another 250 received eye exams and reading glasses through New Vision ministry an organization we partner with here in Haiti. The medical team purchased 1,000 pair of reading glasses and brought them to Haiti along with the many bags of pharmaceuticals. These supplies were added to what we had on hand as we build up a stock of medical supplies for helping those who are most vulnerable, the poor people who live far out in the mountains and rural areas of Haiti. At least 40 people received Christ at our 2 day clinic in the mountain village of Fretta. In God's love, steve

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