Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The long awaited completion of the large Gazebo at the Borel campus is now completed. The 3 work teams that have been able to come to Haiti this year as scheduled were able to complete this project. The team that landed in Haiti the day of the earthquake was able to put the roof on during their 2 week stay here. Then the Eye Witness team arrived in early March and converted to a work team , they started the long and tedious job of painting. They were joined by a team from N.E. Indiana later in the week who finished off the painting . On Saturday evening March 13th we hastily put together a concert and short evangelistic outreach for the local community. It appears by the number of chairs placed under the Gazebo that we had somewhere between 150-200 people attend the first concert.

One of my objectives for the Borel campus is evangelism and leadership training.
A regular schedule of concerts, Christian videos and training seminars will be important tools in attaining the goal of making disciples who make a difference. To do this requires not only teams of short term missions STM's coming for 7-10 days at a time but committed and skilled volunteer staff people who will come for 1 to 6 months to assist our in country missionaries and our Project Help-Haiti ministry leaders.

I have a tendency to observe and take note of what works and makes some missions succeed and prosper and others fail. To that end I often visit other organizations and tour their facilities and talk with their staff and leadership to see how we can implement successful ideas into what we are doing. Occasionally I have some good original ideas of my own, God inspired I hope.
Those who succeed depend on a strong team effort of people to reach and sustain their goals.

If you have never experienced a mission trip then pray and see where God may want to use you. If you have already been involved in missions then pray how God might use you in a longer commitment. This might be using your summer break if your a college student or school teacher to come help as a short term volunteer. Maybe you have retired early and feel the need to do something meaningful with your spare time come help with maintenance , teach a special skill at our technical school. Help out at our guesthouses as a host and hostess.

People and organizations often fail because they don't have enough or the the right skill levels on their team. A team that depends on one person to do it all is doomed to become ineffective at some point. I think Project Help-Haiti is off to a good start in 2010 and we are still building our team so God can use us in mightier ways. In God's love , steve

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