Monday, March 29, 2010


Over the 11 weeks we have been doing disaster relief all of us here at Pierre Payen have had to be willing to step up and do things we really never trained for or possibly signed on to do. Last night being a make shift ambulance driver was one of those jobs I didn't sign on for. Yet medicine and missions go hand in hand.
I normally don't live here at Pierre Payen, I have my home up at our other compound at Borel. During the last last 80 days I have stayed here at our medical compound all but 20 of those days taking care of the needs of our visiting medical teams. This time spent here though physically exhausting has brought to life a small glimpse of Jesus' work of bringing hope to the multitudes of the sick. I can feel for Jesus when I read those passages in the Bible where he was overwhelmed with requests to help and heal everyday. Last night after I had returned from a day of working at Borel and being stuck for 40 minutes in the middle of thousands of people participating in a large street parade called a Ra Ra, I was ready to call it a day. At about 9:00 pm Elizabeth Bonnell, Dr. Ric's daughter, knocked on my door and wanted to know if we had a vehicle to transport a small baby to the University of Miami Hospital in Paup. I had a choice of 2 vehicles to take either a large stake side truck or my small 4x4 truck the big truck ended up being the only choice as it had good bright lights which is a necessity when driving after dark here.

The little eleven month old was near death when she was brought here by her parents it seems she had chocked on some pureed bean sauce. Our doctors worked frantically to revive her but had pretty much given up being able to save her . Yet a few minutes after a group prayer the little girl showed signs of hanging on to life. The decision was made to transport her with a full medical support team with oxygen and IV the 1.5 hours to University Hospital. Though always dangerous to travel at night the road was clear of traffic and there was a full moon to give a better view of the road. As of this writing we don't know the fate of the little girl but before we left at 12:30 a m to go back to P.Payen she was greatly improved . Bedtime arrived at 2:30 last night for the ambulance crew. In God's love , steve

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