Sunday, January 31, 2010


The medical ministry at Pierre Payen has been a well respected outreach of Project Help-Haiti since the mid 1970's. In 2001 we built a new surgical hospital across the street from our 25 year old clinic buildings. Dr. Vic Binkley one of those most responsible for developing and sustaining our work here over the last 35 years was instrumental in designing and getting our hospital built. Vic has not been able to be here with us during these last 7 months as he has valiantly waged his own medical battle with pancreatic cancer. Though still fighting for his own life Vic and Donna wanted to make a trip down here to see how well we are doing in helping with the medical relief efforts. They also want to help us in developing a pernment orthopedic surgery wing here at the hospital. Getting into Haiti is not very easy and Vic's health complicates things even more but through the generosity of a donated corporate jet they should be landing Monday evening or possibibly Tuesday. All of us who have known Vic and worked with him here in Haiti are looking forward to seeing him here at the Pierre Payen Medical compound once again. Please read the blog post about A MOTHERS LOVE that I mistakenly posted on my other blog site at In God's love, steve

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