Thursday, January 21, 2010


What a hectic week but one that certainly shows the generosity and willingness of humanity as God envisioned. Last Saturday our first medical quake assistance team landed in port with 5 doctors and a pallet load of medical supplies. Their way into the country was provide through the donation of the use of a privately owned corporate jet out of Ft. Worth , Texas. The logistical planning and recruiting of these medical teams originated through my wonderful friends Drs. Ric and Wendy Bonnell who live outside Ft. Worth , Texas. Once we got the OK to pass through the 82nd airborne security at the Airport and drive out on the tamarack to load we hit the road for the 60 mile ride to Pierre Payen and the Project Help medical facilities. The doctors wasted no time in getting started and after making an assessment of the patients needs set to work on treating them. That night the police also dropped off 2 people involved in a car accident ,one was dead on arrival the other was treated and saved . As the week has progressed and the word has gotten out we have seen a steady increase of patients. Yesterday morning an eleven year old girl an other accident victim after being stabilized was airlifted to Miami by private jet to treat her crushed pelvis. I received word she is doing much better and should recover. This Saturday 3 member of Medical Team 1 will fly out on on the plane that brings in Medical Team 2 . Dr. Ric and Reanne a trauma nurse will stay behind to work with the new team. Team 2 is an orthopedic team which is in great demand as you might imagine and I'm sure we will see another busy week. As of now we several more medical teams in the works maybe as far as into Feb. 13th. I feel the need will be just as great when all he media attention goes away and thousands of new amputees and those recovering from surgeries try to adapt and get adjusted to their quake injuries. Anyway for all of you who have written me and lifted us up in prayer , thank you. In God's love , steve

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