Thursday, January 21, 2010


Though much of my attention has been directed to the medical ministry at Pierre Payen this past week we also have a work team up at Borel. The team arrived on the day of the quake so this will always be a memorable mission trip for them. This team came down with the intention to put the tree tiered roof on the Gazebo here at the Borel compound. Though it has a complicated roof truss they did a really great job and it looks great. Other projects they have tackled is replacing the old kitchen drain system that continually plugged up with roots with an enclosed 4 inch pvc pipe. We are installing a second small generator just for the guest and mission houses. This required doing some new wiring and another transfer switch. The old butcher house is being remolded and enlarged as the new team work shop and also will house the smaller generator. Several of the houses needed screen repair and some replacement. Future teams will continue with putting trusses on the shop and putting on the metal roofing ,we also have two mission houses that need attention and are scheduled to be remolded as time and teams permit. The Pierre Payen compound which has seen little use the last 7 years is seeing lots of use with our medical teams and we also need to address some maintenance issues there yet this year. Even though we have had some teams postpone their intended arrival dates till later , we hope to get our schedules readjusted soon and get them here to help out with not only these projects but those we will be doing out in the communities where we have churches and schools.

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